Prices and Consultation Fees

Please contact us for our prices and consultation fees.

If you are using private medical insurance, please check with your insurer before the appointment that you have cover in place for your consultation, investigations and treatment, as you will be responsible for covering any shortfalls. If you require treatment, you will need authorisation from your insurer prior to commencing any treatment.

Please note that there may be additional charges which are separate to the consultation fees, depending on the procedure, treatment and facilities used, which will be charged to you or your insurer.

There may be additional charges by our care partners; Spire Norwich, Genesis Care and Lloyds Pharmacy Clinical Homecare will apply and billed to patients directly or the insurer. If you are using your insurance / medical cover – please ensure you are covered for all additional charges as it will be your responsibility to cover any shortfalls.

If you are self-funding / payer – please note that there may be other charges in addition to the consultation fees which you will be require to pay in full as highlighted above.

Prices are non-negotiable.

For all enquiries or to make an appointment please get in touch with The Blood Clinic today